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Terms & Conditions


Please note that the prices on supermarket items are guide price only. The actual price you pay will be the price charged in store at the time your order is picked for delivery. The actual order value cannot be determined until the day of delivery because the prices stated on the website may vary either above or below the prices in store on the day your order is picked and delivered. When your Order Is delivered you may return any Item and receive a full refund if you consider that the difference between the price charged and the guide price shown on the grocery website is unacceptable.

All prices are inclusive of general sales tax where applicable as per sales tax act 1990.The price of the items does not include the service charge which will be charged at the rates applicable to the date, time & province of your delivery. The service charge will be unchanged despite of general sales tax increases.

The price of bag would be charge separately on every order.



If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you. Please note that we will attempt to deliver substitute lines should selected lines be unavailable unless you request us not to do so.Although we will always try to cater for your orders, an order of large quantities of a line can only be fulfilled at the discretion of the store. For example, if you were to make an order of 10 bottles of juice which would use up all that store’s stock, the store may only deliver 5 bottles.H Karim Buksh Reserves the right to cancel any order for customers, subject to the availability, confirmations or any other issue as deemed fit by the company.



Your order is an offer to buy from us, at any point before the actual delivery, we may decline to supply the goods to you.The online H Karim Buksh grocery service is available for non-commercial and domestic use only. We reserve the right to refuse orders from businesses or that we consider are for commercial or other non-domestic concerns.To ensure availability of all our products customers may be limited to a maximum number of items.The hkb reserves the right to refuse service of any product to or from any location.The hkb shall not be liable for any interruption/delay of delivery due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to: the unavailability, refusal of a person to accept delivery or/and force majeure.The hkb reserves the right to cancel any order for customers, subject to the availability, confirmations or any other issue as deemed fit by the company.


Returns and refunds:

At the time of delivery, you are requested to check your order thoroughly. In case you find the products not fresh and up to the mark you may return the product to our delivery guy.Please be aware that some products have different return time limits and exceptions. We do not refund certain products due to health and hygiene reasons (such as fresh, ultra fresh and frozen products); personalized items etc.

In case of price changes when your order is delivered you may return any item and receive a full refund if you consider that the difference between the prices charged and the guide price shown on the grocery website is unacceptable.If you’re returning an item because, there may be a deduction from your refund if it has been damaged, opened more than necessary to check it’s working, or used more than reasonably expected.


When you return goods:

You can return faulty or change of mind goods to the delivery driver, or call us on 0341-0000040. When you return the goods to us, please also let us have any tags, labels and any accessories. You will need to take reasonable care of item(s) whilst they are in your possession (reasonable care includes inspecting an item, but would not extend to your opening and/or using it). If you damage items whilst they are in your possession, there may be a deduction from your refund.


Receiving your refund:

If you’ve handed the item(s) back to the delivery driver we’ll deduct the amount for the return and the rest will be paid in cash. If you return it to a store, you can choose either a refund or an exchange within 7 days.If your item was purchased at an offer price, your refund will be based on that promotional price.Our complaint resolution time is within 5 working days. This may vary depending on the nature of complaint and solving the complaint.



You can cancel or change any of your current orders when you get the confirmation call from our call center. Once the order has been confirmed the order will be pick and delivered to you.



Cash on deliveryPayment through bank account



These product terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Pakistan and any disputes will be decided only by the Pakistani courts.If any of these product terms is held by any court of competent authority to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the remaining product terms which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.The hkb follows stringent policies for Spamming, wrong address, invalid address etc and reserves the right to take policy measures where required. We reserves the right to cancel/invalidate any order without prior notice.


Copyrights and label rights:

In all its publications, the company strives to observe the copyrights associated with the graphics, video sequences and texts used, or to use its own self-created graphics, video sequences and texts, or to offer graphics, video sequences and texts from the public domain.The trade names and trademarks used in our internet presence, which may be protected by third parties, are subject without restriction to the regulations associated with the applicable label rights and ownership rights of their respective registered owners. Simply because a trademark is mentioned, it should not be assumed that it is not protected by third-party rights.The copyright for any published objects created by the company remains the property of the company. Any duplication or use of such graphics, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the explicit permission of the company.


Personal data and cookie policy:

With our data privacy declaration and the information we provide on the internet pages we keep you informed on the purpose for which the data you provide will be used


Customer services:

If you have an order query, Please e-mail us at info@bukshgroup.org or call us at 0341-0000040.


Covid-19 safety measures:

As new reports of covid-19 continues to develop, the wellbeing and welfare of our customers and our employees remain our utmost priority.Indeed, these are difficult times for everyone and as the situation continues to evolve, we are taking proactive steps to ensure the welfare of our employees by closely monitoring the situation and deploying health and hygiene global best practices alongside local guidelines and following them accordingly.

Our safety measures have already been implemented at the Store and with our delivery agents as recommended by the WHO (world health organizations), and we also encourage you to take the following measures to ensure safety of yourself and everyone around you.


Delivery and collections:

* Avoid shaking hands

* Maintain a safe distance from the delivery agent at the time of order receiving and payment

* Always wash your hands/sanitize before and after receiving your order.

To play our part in keeping our employees and customers safe, temperature of all employees is monitored everyday upon arrival at work. Our delivery team has been provided with masks and gloves to wear at the time of delivery off orders. Our vans are also deep cleaned periodically to maintain highest level of cleanliness. Additionally our store premises are sanitized daily including shopping trollies, common areas, and check outs for safe use.


Delay in delivery:

We at The HKB are working continuously to avoid any delays. While there is no delay expected as of now, some orders might be affected based on surge of orders, for which we urge our customers to bear with us. Our team will keep you informed as needed. Your support and understanding will be highly appreciated.

Also H.Karim Buksh Pakistan ensure no price distortion and abides by high ethical standards in doing business.

As we continue to receive regular updates, we are ready to make any necessary changes to protect our customers.

Please Stay Safe And Healthy!

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